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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of "remote work"?

Remote work means doing the employee its job duties in a work place not the usual work place, though using any of the communication and information technology means.

The contractual relationship of the remote employee is organized by a written contract in the which mentioned the work is a "remote work" and determines: the work place, the job tasks, the working hours, start and end of working time, the salary and allowances, in addition to any other rights which are mentioned in the Labor system or the ministerial decisions or the accredited internal regulations in the institution (facility).

Regarding the work's nature: The employee must be able to do his/her work remotely through the communication and informational technology means.

Regarding the employee:

  1. Conserve the tools and devices which are in his custody and care about them.
  2. Return them back to the employer if he asked him to do.
  3. Not to use then for any purpose except the work purposes.

Regarding the employer:

  1. Provide the required tools and devices for doing the work.
  2. Pay the devices' maintenance costs in order to guarantee its validity to work.
  3. Pay the bills of the communication and information technology means which are provided to the employee.
  4. Consider the public safety means which must be available in the work place.

The work time may be different than the adopted work time in the institution (facility), but must be determined according to the work's circumstances and nature. And, the labor system and the ministerial decisions must be taken in consideration.

The employer has the right to recruit two part-time employees, in which the employee considers half employee and is registered in the "social assurance" in the part-time system. Even though the part-time employee doesn't consider in the job localization percentage in more than two institutions (facilities) at the same time.

No, It isn't necessary.

Yes, this would be done through a written agreement between the employer and the employee. In this case, the employee's service considers continuous. Also, it’s applies on the remote employee's case if he/she converted to work inside the company.

The remote employee is considered as one employee in the calculated job localization percentage in Nitaqat program. Also, the remote employees with special needs are considered as one employee in the calculated job localization percentage in Nitaqat program.

The registration in the social assurance system is a prior condition to any remote employee. So, the remote employee must be registered in the social assurance system as a "remote employee" with full/part time before being registered in the remote work website.