ESNAD INGAZ Program (Ajeer)

It is a licensed service through the “Through the portal of Ajeer” Saudis attribution, provided by the Ingaz for Human Resources to provide integrated and flexible solutions with the latest technologies and administrative facilities in the management of human resources, to recruit Saudi cadres, which contributes to raising the efficiency of employees, developing national competencies, and increasing the Emiratizations rates in establishments.
Ingaz for Human Resources manages all human resources operations. Which leads to reduce the burden and internal tasks of the establishments. Esnad Ingaz Program will be responsible for employees’ salaries, vacation salaries, social insurance, end of service benefits, wage protection system, medical insurance, attendance and departure, penal procedures and any other services related to human resources management.




We work in an Ingaz company on:

1- Recruiting qualified cadres through the processes of nomination, sorting, tests, interviews and appointment according to the requirements of each job.

2- The program allows the company to replace employees when needed during the trial period without calculating an additional cost.

3- Assign an account manager for each company to ensure effective communication and raise the level of service quality. 

4-  Ingaz contributes to raising the efficiency of employees through the training and development program. 

5-  Ingaz contributes to monitoring and evaluating performance and provides management consulting services .

6- Employees will be added to the client company's Nitaqat program.


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