Remote work program

Remote work is One of the national initiatives launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and one of the services we provide in Ingaz for Human Resources, we work to reduce the gap between government and private sectors and capable Saudi cadres. Using the latest technologies to train the employee and provide an integrated electronic environment that connects them to each other. 


We work in an Ingaz company on:

1- Ignaz for Human Resources facilitates the recruitment of Saudi cadres in full-time or part-time remote work jobs

2- Ingaz for Human Resources provides an integrated electronic environment that brings the employee together with business owners to work remotely without the need to come to the company’s headquarters. 

3- Ingaz for Human Resources helps reduce costs for business owners. 

4--Ingaz for Human Resources helps business owners to obtain one point for each remote employee in the Nitaqat program.  

5- Ingaz for human resources saves the time and effort of business owners in obtaining capable Saudi cadres

6- Ingaz for Human Resources facilitates the process of benefiting from the various Saudi cadres available in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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